Kinross Creek Housing Co-op
is nestled in the heart of beautiful Champlain Heights.


We are located off Champlain Crescent, between 54 Ave & Matheson Crescent in Vancouver, BC.


Our co-op is a mixed community. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, special needs and outlooks on life.
We have people with a range of incomes and professions.

We are a group that works together to manage the co-op. As a part of our community, you would be encouraged to participate and volunteer a small amount of time each month. This helps bring us together and keeps housing charges lower. You also have a say in the decisions that affect your home and neighbours. As a co-op member you not only have responsibilities, you also have security of tenure. This means that you can live in the co-op for as long as you wish if you follow the rules of the co-op and pay your housing charge. You and your neighbours own your homes co-cooperatively. Our diverse and vibrant membership is the unique strength of our community.